Steve Girardi

Jazz guitarist Steve Girardi has been performing his original music in the New York metropolitan area for over three decades. As a live performer and composer his unique sound and tonal colors challenge the traditional boundaries of contemporary improvisational music and jazz. A passionate and eclectic performer Steve can be heard in any number of musical settings and genres.


Recent guest appearance with Twiddle at Tumbledown. I love these guys, my favorite rock band!!



The Within Inside Band 2020

Steve Girardi guitar

Mark Graham drums

Kevin Brown bass

Greg Federico piano

The Watt Hotel

The Watt Hotel

1403 Irving Street

Rahway, NJ 07065

Saturday, February 15th

8 to 11pm


The Within Inside Trio

Mike Richmond bass

Mark Graham drums



The Within Inside Trio

Girardi / Richmond  / Graham

"The Ring" guitar solo


The Steve Girardi Band

New Vision aka "Guitar Playboy"

Live @ Hat City


Spiral Dance by Keith Jarrett 

Steve Girardi   guitar

Mike Richmond   bass

Mark Graham   drums

Greg Federico   keyboard and percussion


Vth Position Guitar Method Book


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CD's and Downloads

The Original "Within Inside" Trio


Within Inside CD

Steve Girardi guitar

Mike Richmond bass

Mark Graham drums

Jeff Cummins from The News Record stated "From the first note, Steve Girardi's music possesses an introspective feel that puts the listener in a mood to hear more and more and more."

The Steve Girardi Project


Blue Sky With Tears CD

Steve Girardi guitar

Mike Richmond bass

Mark Graham drums

Ron Clearfield cello

Andy Lalasis bass

Bob Shomo drums

Greg Heffernan cello

Greg Federico percussion


Stephen Girardi was born in Philadelphia, PA and began playing the guitar at age 6 under the tutelage of his grandfather and professional guitarist Dominic Girardi. At age 9 he then studied with Frank Marone, a great local swing guitarist and teacher from Vineland, NJ. At age 17 under the watchful eye of Bill Walton, he began to study music at the prestigious Sandole Studio in Philadelphia. Steve continued his musical studies at Berklee College of Music, Mannes College and Rowan University. Although these colleges proved very beneficial, his most profound musical influence  came from a two-decade long relationship with world-renowned  teacher  Maestro Dennis Sandole. The Sandole approach to improvisation and composition is the cornerstone of Steve's music.

Steve has produced and released two critically acclaimed CD's "Within Inside" and "Blue Sky with Tears", and has performed as a sideman on many others.

As a film composer his original music can be heard in the short film "Bartleby" by New Waves Productions.

Steve is an adjunct music professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the founder and owner of the Girardi Music Studio located in Madison, New Jersey. 



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